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Introducing our luxurious Sea Sponge glycerin soap in the enchanting Seaside scent. Immerse yourself in the calming aroma of ocean breeze, fresh herbs, and a touch of musk, reminiscent of a peaceful nighttime stroll along the shore. The gentle exfoliating properties of the sea sponge will leave your skin feeling soft and rejuvenated, while our nourishing glycerin soap formula will leave it moisturized and hydrated. Indulge your senses in a truly luxurious bathing experience with our Sea Sponge Seaside glycerin soap. Transform your daily shower routine into a spa-like getaway with this exquisite, ocean-inspired soap. Bring the essence of the sea into your home with our Sea Sponge Seaside glycerin soap.

Sea Sponge Glycerin Soap

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  • Ingredients

    Vegetable Glycerin Soap Base, Mica, Fragrance, Sea Sponge.

  • Care Instructions

    Always test a small patch of skin before using.

    For a longer lasting bar of soap, allow the product to completely drain and dry between uses.

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