Retail and IT guy goes natural!

I've been working in Retail Management for well over 25 years and recently decided to go back to school to pursue a degree in the Information Technology field. At the same time, I realized I was getting tired of the commercial products and their unnatural ingredients. I was often told my hair was dry by my stylist, and that my skin was dry by the woman who gave me a mani/pedi (yes, I get them because I am on my feet a lot with my full time job). I wasn't sure what to do about it.

A dear friend of mine had been diagnosed with cancer. He underwent surgery and treatment, but he noticed his hormone levels were dropping. One Christmas, I decided to get him essential oils, as he had always mentioned he was interested in their healing properties. And so I researched oils and asked a friend who sold essential oils, how I could tie hormone therapy and essential oils together for him. I found some answers.

From there, my interest in searching for the health benefits of essential oils kept growing. I first started looked at dry skin and hair ( I got a little selfish here). That's when I ran into making my own products that I usually keep buying and trying. At first it was just a little experiment, but I kept getting compliments and almost immediately asked to make some for others.

That is how it all started with me! I'm still working and going to school, but try to keep researching as much as I can. And I still enjoy making products for myself and others!

I'm sure you'll enjoy these products as much as I do!

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